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What we do and why

Hello, my name is Anne, thank you so much for visiting Harry Was 8. Our mission is to try & inspire children to get passionate about planting & growing vegetables, cooking, creating & above all playing without fear or inhibition. You can read here more about our story and why food became important to us.  We make a range of toys & resources that hopefully encourage kids to get back in touch with nature. You can explore our mud kitchen range here & there are more products on the way!

We love making mud kitchens because they are great for role play, shop play, science play & art play. A mud kitchen allows children to interact with the world around them, to touch, feel & explore, inside or outside ! Add some pots, pans & utensils & you have created an award winning restaurant or a pop up cafe. On the menu might be yummy flower cakes, mud pies & herb soups. Add a magnifying glass, safety goggles & some measuring jugs & we have a science lab. The opportunities for imaginative play are endless! 

Perhaps, now more than ever it is important we encourage our children through play to get their hands dirty & start growing those sprouts. I hope you love our products as much as we enjoy making them!

Explore our new range of self assembly Mud Kitchens!

What people say about us

Absolutely fabulous mud kitchens
Great quality product, really inventive & different. Lovely people
Amazing quality.Highly recommended!
Totally trust this amazing couple!

Its time to create your very own artistic masterpiece!

find Harry's invisible words

Boys eye

Harry has written a secret message on each wooden mud kitchen using invisible ink. Use your special torch to find the words. Write a story or draw a pictures send it to us and claim your ‘small’ but perfectly formed prize

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