Harry's eye

Can you find the invisible message?

Why is there an invisible message ?

Our mission is to try and create the most exciting children’s products in the world. What is more exciting than having to discover invisible messages. On every product Harry has written some invisible words. Your mission should you choose to accept, is to find the words. Don’t forget to read about the video messages !

How do we find it?

You will receive a special torch that will allow you to find the hidden message. How exciting !!

What are the messages about ?

We want to encourage children to be inquisitive and curious about the world they live in. Our messages/words will have something to do with the world we live in, from animals, plants, bugs, fish and so on.  

How to claim the ‘small’ but perfectly formed prize?

Once the have secret words have been discovered it would be brilliant if your child felt able to draw a picture, write a poem or a story and email it to us. Perhaps you could do it together as a family !

What’s the prize?

I wish we could offer the most ‘wow’ prizes but unfortunately our budget can’t stretch that far. The prize will have a value of  between £5.00 and £10.00. Most importantly we hope the invisible words and prizes just add even more fun to your mud kitchen or bed.

Can you find the invisible message?