Mud Kitchen Recipes

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Mud kitchen recipes: Lets get ready to cook !

At one stage we thought we would produce a little book of mud kitchen recipes that families could use with their mud kitchens and then we decided, we would just write a post that outlined  a fantastic mud kitchen meal. We have a starter, a main course and a pudding, so your child or children can prepare a banquet for their lovely customers to eat, yummy! We might develop a mud kitchen recipe book at some later date.

The main motivation behind this post is to give parents and carers ideas of what activities to do with their children. There are so many accessories you can add to mud kitchen play that add further dimensions and most can be done free. I know when Harry was growing up sometimes we would struggle to dream up yet another activity especially on a cold day. There are many fantastic resources on the internet but we thought we could add our own hopefully ‘unique’ voice when it comes to mud kitchen recipes. Muddy recipes are great for developing imaginative and role play opportunities for our children. Lets get ready to cook!


What we have tried to do is add something slightly different to the mix. Our recipe ideas our based on ‘real’ dishes that in theory children like. The idea is you can make the mud kitchen recipe version and then even have a go at the real thing. How exciting and messy is that ! If you have read any information on our website you may have picked up that one of  the main inspirations behind creating mud kitchens is to try and get children excited about food particularly vegetables and to explore where food comes from. Our son Harry has coeliac disease (or celiac if American) so it’s really important to think about what goes inside his body and encourage him to take ownership of food. For all children with allergies it is a nightmare trying to navigate  ‘food’ can be a nightmare. 

The mud kitchen recipes structure

On with the recipes. The recipe ideas are written in a way that assumes the child will serve the dishes to ‘another’ person of course they can eat the dishes themselves (yucky) . We have outlined the starter, the main course and the pudding.We have included a mixture of real ingredients and nature based ingredients, because in our experience mixing the two provide a richer experience and its great for kids to experience handling items such as herbs etc. We are also trying to encourage children with our recipes to think about allergies, so we bring in terms like dairy free, nut allergies and gluten free. Our cooking recipe guide for each course is broken down into 3 areas.

1: Items you need

2: A step by step cooking guide

3: A serving guide

Leaves anyone?

The Starter: Vegetable soup of the day or the mud kitchen version is slime chilli soup of the day !

Equipment and ingredients you will need

  • Wooden mixing spoon
  • Apron
  • Big pan to cook the soup
  • Water
  • 15 dessert spoons of mud
  • 10 small stones
  • 15 leaves 
  • Saved carrot peelings (optional)
  • Mouldy remains of vegetables from waste bin
  • Seasoning: chilli powder, pepper, basil and coriander
  • Wooden spoon
  • Big soup bowl
  • Napkin

Step by step guide to cooking your amazing soup

  1. Ask your ‘diner’ if they have any allergies you should be aware of (dairy, nuts, gluten free etc)
  2. Hunt for stones and leaves (foraging) 
  3. Collect mud 
  4. Add water to pan 
  5. Add the stones, leaves & mud
  6. Turn the cooker on (sound affects)
  7. Stir furiously
  8. Add the mouldy vegetables
  9. Stir
  10. Add the herbs
  11. Turn the cooker down (sound affects)
  12. Stir slowly
  13. Check the temperature of the soup

Serving Guide

  1. Serve the soup into a bowl 
  2. Do a final check to see if anyone has any allergies 
  3. Wish your guest Bon Appetit

The Main Course: Spaghetti bolognese or the mud kitchen version stick-hetti blob-gnese

Ingredients & equipment you will need

This looks amazing!
  • Wooden mixing spoon
  • Apron
  • Pan for stick-hetti
  • Pan to cook blob-nese
  • Water
  • Colander
  • Sticks or real spaghetti
  • 9 table spoons of mud
  • 3 handfuls of grass
  • Saved carrot peelings
  • Seasoning, oregano & rosemary
  • Wooden knife & fork
  • Big plate
  • Napkin
  • Parmesan cheese or equivalent if dairy free
  • Grater

Step by step guide to cooking your amazing blob- nese

Hmm, might not eat this!
  1. Ask your ‘diner’ if they have any allergies you should be aware of
  2. Hunt for sticks (foraging) 
  3. Split sticks into small pieces 
  4. Prepare the pan and fill it with water
  5. Add the sticks
  6. Bring the water to the boil (sound affects needed)
  7. Stir the sticks and make sure no sticks are sticking at the bottom
  8. Go and get 10 table spoons of mud. 
  9. Place into bowl
  10. Turn the heat on safely (Lots of sound affects needed)
  11. Stir the mud
  12. Add (optional) tomato puree 
  13. Add optional some carrot peelings or old carrots
  14. Add beef stock (gluten free stock cube if possible)
  15. Add some water
  16. Stir for 2 minutes making sure that all ingredients are mixed in thoroughly
  17. Add some oregano,  rosemary and grass
  18. Stir for a further 2 minutes
  19. Check the stick spaghetti is ready to serve
  20. Drain the water
  21. Check the blob-anaise is ready

Serving Guide

  1. Get the plate ready
  2. Do a final check to see if anyone has any allergies
  3. Serve the stick-hetti carefully around the outside of the plate
  4. Serve the blob-nese
  5. Put on the napkin or put it on whoever is eating
  6. Add the Parmesan cheese (adult supervision)
  7. Check if anyone wants some tomato ketchup
  8. Wish your diner Bon Appetit

Pudding: Chocolate Ice cream with haribos or the mud kitchen version, muddy cream with gooey mud sauce . This will be fun !!!

Equipment and ingredients you will need:

  • Mixing bowl
  • Wooden mixing spoon
  • Apron
  • 15 big serving spoons  of thick mud
  • 10 leaves (variety of colours) 
  • Ice cubes
  • Ice cream scoop
  • Haribos (gluten free)
  • Eyes to decorate
  • Dairy free cream or milk or squirty cream
  • Lots of napkins
Really yummy alternative to ice cream!

Step by step guide to cooking your pudding

  1. Collect mud 
  2. Prepare your mixture. We need really thick mud  
  3. Mix the mud and leaves together 
  4. Using your ice cream scoop, serve 3 scoops of thick mud cream in a dish.
  5. Add some ice cubes on the top and some squirty cream
  6. To decorate add Haribos

Time to serve:

  1. Do a final check to see if anyone has any allergies
  2. Present the pudding 
  3. Wish the diner Bon Appetit


Well done, you have located the ingredients, prepared your ingredients, served the food and checked if the person eating your food has any allergies!! Keep up the good work, you are  a superstar !

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