Mud Kitchens

Our mud kitchens are organised into 2 themes, WORM & GROW. They come with kids art easels, wormeries, planter boxes, shop doors & more. We want our mud kitchens to help children discover the world around them. Now, they can hunt for worms & bugs in the garden, grow & eat their own vegetables, paint a masterpiece & still get dirty making mud pies!

Which Mud Kitchen will you choose?

Mud Kitchens made in Devon!

We make beautiful children’s mud kitchens handcrafted from quality exterior treated wood from our base in Woodbury near Exeter in beautiful Devon. They are wonderful kids wooden toys that will keep your children happy, engaged, messy, dirty and entertained for hours. Not only that, but over recent years there have been studies that show mud is good, exposure to (certain) germs is good for our childrens’ immune systems. Our mud kitchens are centred around the themes GROW and WORM (more themes on the way) and come in small, medium and large sizesOutside our main two themes we have recently introduced a mini mud kitchen, which makes a gorgeous present for any lucky child. Our range of wooden kitchens can be used inside or outside, so when the bad weather comes take your kitchen into the house and your children can carry on making potions and dreaming up fantastic recipes to cook.

mud kitchen tomatoes on worktop

Our kitchens are designed so whatever size or theme you choose, there are some brilliant additional options you can add to your mud kitchen for no extra price. These fantastic options will transform your childrens kitchen into a multi sensory play station. Your child will never be bored again. Depending which size and themed kids kitchen you choose it will come equipped with an:

  • PLANTER BOX (grow theme)
  • SHOP DOORS  (brilliant for role play activities) 
  • FABULOUS WORMERY (worm theme)

What’s the GROW theme all about?

Mother and daughter painting

The GROW theme is all about trying to encourage our children to get interested in plants, vegetables, herbs and cooking. To  understand where their food comes from. To follow the journey from the field to the table. We want children to get excited, planting seeds, watching them grow and then eating whatever they have grown with a meal, we even have the perfect mud kitchen recipe ready to be cooked! If flowers are more exciting then plant some flowers and enjoy their colour and smells. We think the GROW mud kitchens offer the opportunity for a range of  fantastic family activities full of fun, laughter and of course opportunities to eat plenty of sprouts! In terms of our family, we have a small allotment and it has been one of the best things we have ever done. I have spent so much time with Harry planting seeds and to my husbands (irritation) eating all the the fruits before we get home!  More importantly it has facilitated us spending time together as a family, learning about plants, vegetables, food and what we definitely like eating and what makes some of us go “yuck”. Gooseberries are the number 1 enemy for certain members of our family!

Paints, seeds, twigs and leaves on a dark mud kitchen worktop

Mud kitchens in the GROW theme range are:

  1. The SMALL GROW mud kitchen comes with an ART EASEL , PLANTING BOX , INVISIBLE MESSAGE and more. 

  2. The MEDIUM GROW mud kitchen comes with an ART EASEL, PLANTING BOX, CHALKBOARD, INVISIBLE MESSAGE and more. 

  3. The LARGE GROW mud kitchen comes with an ART EASEL with the option of  SHOP DOORS or a CHALKBOARD,  PLANTING BOX, INVISIBLE MESSAGE and more!

All kitchens come with the usual combination options of stainless steel BOWLS and wooden HOBS (for example the medium one comes with either two bowls, or one bowl with 4 hobs).

Whats the WORM theme all about?

Worm sliding along a branch in a wormery outside in the rain

Our WORM mud kitchens do what it says on the tin. We have added a wormery to the back of the mud kitchens to make it even more exciting and interactive. This opens up a world of exploration and investigation for your children. Together you can go on a bug hunt or a worm hunt and then build a living habitat for your worms or bugs or even ants and watch as it develops over time and through the seasons. We have had so much fun learning about the bugs and different types of worms that live in our garden. Also days out are now transformed as we go hunting with our magnifying glasses and binoculars at the ready to see what other remarkable creatures we can find and then when we get home we try and discover (through the marvels of the internet) their names!

Girl playing outside in the garden with mud kitchen

The WORM theme mud kitchens offer an incredible opportunity to really fire up your child’s imagination and curiosity and engage them (and the adults) to learn in an exciting away about what lives in the bottom of your garden and the role these creatures play in our environment. At the moment we are loving butterfly’s. Here is a great article from the national geographic website about why butterflies have such vibrant colours and patterns, well worth a read! What we have found interesting developing our mud kitchens and their themes is the difference between growing up in the country and the city. Paul (husband) grew up in London and actually had  little interest in the life of worms, ants and bugs, but now is fascinated!  If you want to take on the challenge and build a wormery you can find all the information you need here at the RHS campaign for schools gardening website!

Top down view of green childrens mud kitchen with 3 bowls, wormery and blackboard

Mud kitchens in the WORM theme range are: 

  1. The SMALL WORM mud kitchen comes with our fantastic WORMERY  built into the back and an INVISIBLE MESSAGE.

  2. The MEDIUM WORM mud kitchen comes with a  WORMERY, CHALKBOARD and an INVISIBLE MESSAGE.  

  3. The LARGE WORM mud kitchen comes with a WORMERY and the option of SHOP DOORS or a CHALKBOARD. Don’t forget the INVISIBLE MESSAGE.

All mud kitchens come with the usual combination options of stainless steel BOWLS and wooden HOBS (for example the medium one comes with either two bowls, or one bowl with 4 hobs).

Introducing our Mini Mud Kitchen

Mini mud kitchen front view

We loved designing the mini mud kitchen. I think it fits perfectly into our mud kitchen range. The idea behind it was to provide a slightly less expensive option but one that was still beautifully made and oozing quality. What makes the mini mud kitchen slightly different is that you can access it from both sides which is great if you have more than one child playing at the same time.  The chalkboard gives this kitchen another interactive zone.  As with all our kitchens there are endless opportunities for messy and imaginative play. A choice of colours available and again a choice of worktop stain. A brilliant present for any lucky child!  Great inside or outside!

Some More Frequently Asked Questions:


Colour chart showing Cuprinol garden shades range

We use the very popular  Cuprionol Garden Shades range. You can choose any colour form the range to bring your kitchen to life!


Our kitchen worktops are made from quality exterior graded timber that has been specially treated to live outside. We currently offer two  options for colouring your worktop. You can choose a light stain or a dark stain. Options are available when you order individual products.

Accessories & Utensils

All our mud kitchens come with a variety of stainless steel bowls and wooden hobs. In our effort to not use plastic we only provide a small selection of mud kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons etc. Hopefully you have plenty of implements that your child could use to make the perfect mud pie. To make your mud kitchen even more fun we have written an in-depth post on how you can add lots of accessorises to your kitchen and most for free. You don’t have to spend a fortune on play!

Bespoke Mud Kitchen options

Anne in the workshop

Have something in mind that you can’t see in our kitchen range, then please get in touch. We are able to make any configuration in reference to our kitchens, from corner mud kitchens to bigger ones for school , nurseries or play groups.


We do our best to make sure once you have ordered a kitchen we will have it made and dispatched between 3-4 weeks. If you need it sooner for a birthday or another special occasion then please get in touch.

In Conclusion

Family picture

We hope you love our mud kitchens as much as we do.We think our kitchens are the best  wooden mud kitchens for sale in the UK (but then we are slightly biased).  To round up, I leave you with the Harry Was 8 motto, ‘Plant, cook, laugh, play, create, be curious and eat sprouts!’ 

Anne explains about the different mud kitchens

Where are the invisible words?

Boys eye

Every one loves a secret message! Are you brave enough to accept the challenge and see if you can discover the invisible message hidden somewhere on your mud kitchen?

Frequently asked questions

All your mud kitchen questions answered

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