Mud Kitchen GROW (medium)

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Mud Kitchen GROW (medium)

Our medium Mud Kitchen (GROW range) is SO much more than a traditional kitchen! It comes with:

  • Choice of COLOURS 
  • PAYMENT OPTIONS available





This is our wonderful handcrafted medium childrens Mud Kitchen from the GROW range.  The perfect gift for any child. The aim of the GROW theme is to inspire and encourage our children to discover the amazing world of plants, herbs and vegetables. It has never been more important to understand where our food  has come from, how it is grown and how it arrives on our tables. We hope our GROW childrens mud kitchen can be the start of your families planting, growing and eating journey. Who knows you might be nurturing the next Alan Titchmarsh or a budding chef like Jamie Oliver or our favourite Nadiya Hussain.

What makes this so much more than a mud kitchen

  • The wonderful ART EASEL. Once you have planted the seeds its time to paint that masterpiece. Our mud kitchens are designed to be multi sensory play areas, always something to create and whatever the weather you can create inside with the art easel.
  • Make mud pies, choose between the 2 bowl or 1 bowl and 4 hob option. Allow your child’s imagination to go wild. Use the natural resources found in your garden or wherever you go  to create the most disgusting and fun mud creations!
  • Find the INVISIBLE WORDS. To add to the excitement on every mud kitchen Harry has written an invisible word(s). Your child’s mission should they choose to accept, is to find it and then claim their very small but perfectly formed prize.

Find the INVISIBLE WORD and claim your PRIZE

Our aim is to try and create the most exciting childrens products in the world. Hidden somewhere in all of our mud kitchens is an invisible word(s) written by Harry. If you can discover the word it would be wonderful if your child felt able to draw a picture write a story or do whatever they enjoy  and send the results to us (email). Once received we will send back a small but perfectly formed prize to your child. Read more here.

What you get with your Mud Kitchen

  4. A pen/torch to find your secret message
  5. Choose between a 2 bowl or 1 bowl with 4 hobs
  6. Some wooden utensils (We include some simple wooden spoons to get you started. We are trying to move away from plastic utensils)
  7. A product that OOZES QUALITY. Our mud kitchens are made from locally sourced external pressure treated timber.
  8. BEAUTIFUL WORKTOPS made from quality locally sourced external pressure treated timber. We use a top quality varnish that seals and protects the wood giving it a beautiful and long lasting finish that really shows of the grain of the wood.
  9.  We use the popular Cuprinol Garden Shades range to add colour to your kitchen and bring it to live. Each kitchen gets 3 coats to protect it and make sure it lives ‘almost forever’ Choose your colour (the popular ones are included in the drop down box)

Dimensions :

Height of worktop (from floor to worktop): 52cm  Overall height: 94cm  Length: 80cm Width: 46cm Weight:  24 kg (approx

We can make your mud kitchen to any dimensions you need, just get in touch!

Explore our range of mud kitchens.

Payment Plans:

If you live within 15 miles of EX5 we will deliver your mud kitchen. This means we can reduce the price by £15.00. Use the coupon code ‘local15′ when ordering.

Additional information


Urban Slate, Seagrass, Beaumont Blue, Forget Me Not, Beach Blue, Sweet Pee, Sweet Sundae, Willow

Worktop Stain

Light Stain, Dark Stain

Bowls or Hobs

2 Bowls, 1 Bowl & 4 Hobs


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