Play/Mud Kitchen Colour Options

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Play/Mud Kitchen Colour Options

Our beautiful new Mud/Play Kitchen in COLOUR . Fun & creativity all year round!

1) Stunning kitchen with COLOUR & PERSONALISATION OPTIONS.
2) Choice of worktop
3) Stainless steel bowls & wooden hobs
4) Add your child’s name (8 letters)
5) Gorgeous chalkboard wrapped around the front of the mud kitchen
6) FREE Chalkboard
7) Free delivery (mainland UK)




I hope you love the Exmouth COLOUR Mud/Play kitchen. I’ve tried to come up with a design that does not compromise on quality, materials, workmanship & beauty, yet can be easily self assembled (I PROMISE!!!) and has something of the ‘WOW’ factor …(INVISIBLE MESSAGES) that all children’s toys should have.

The ‘Exmouth COLOUR kitchen is the smaller (but perfectly proportioned) of our self assembly range and comes with a choice of colours for the worktop and body. It also comes bundled with the perfect mud kitchen set up, all in time for Christmas!

a)Chalkboard b)Muddy fun recipe c)Invisible message d)Child’s name (8 letters) This will be in the SAME colour chosen for worktop & knobs.

WHAT IS INCLUDED with the ‘Exmouth COLOUR ‘ kitchen

1) Choice of colours for the main body and worktop.
2) Choice of worktop configuration.
3) Add your child’s name (up to 8 letters please) (ADD NAME IN THE ORDER NOTE BOX WHEN YOU GO THROUGH PURCHASE PROCESS).
4) Add something magical with an INVISIBLE message for your child to discover. Would you like to send your child a secret message, may be something like ‘I love you to the moon and back’ (pen/torch included to find the message.) ADD NAME IN THE ORDER NOTE BOX WHEN YOU GO THROUGH PURCHASE PROCESS.
5) Gorgeous chalkboard wrapped around the front of the mud kitchen.
6) Free LARGE chalkboard and a mud kitchen recipe!
7) Stainless steel bowls/ Wooden hobs & Cooker knobs.
8) 2 Wooden shelves- (I have deliberately added shelves on the back rather than have a traditional hard back. I think this allows children to add their own little touches like plant pots,paint tubs, dinosaurs etc).
9) Made with quality locally Devon sourced exterior pressure treated outdoor timber.
10) A PHONE CALL. If you need help putting it together, send me a message and I will give you a call. It really is straightforward; We have gone through several designs to see what works, but I want to make sure you are happy…hence the call!
11) All you need to build the kitchen is a screwdriver and some space.

Why settle for a traditional mud kitchen when you can have a beautifully designed combination of a Mud/Play kitchen that can be used all year round inside or outside. Our kitchens are made from quality exterior pressure treated timber, so will live happily outdoors, but equally their design and weight means you can clean them down and in the winter move inside, all year round creative and imaginative fun for our children!

It comes with simple instructions and lots of pictures. There are only a few screws to attach, its ‘almost’ painless….I promise!

PICTURES: Combinations in the pictures are a) Sweet Pea/Wood Stain b) Beaumont Blue/Wood Stain c) Urban Slate/Sweet Sundae d)Sweet Sundae/Urban Slate


Overall Height-95cm
Worktop Height-52cm

Any questions please do ask, thanks Anne

Additional information

Worktop Style

Hobs Middle, Hobs Side, No Hobs

Worktop Colour

Wood Stain, Willow, Seagrass, Urban Slate, Sweet Pea, Forget Me Not, Beaumont Blue, Coastal Mist, Lavender, Wild Thyme, Silver Birch, Heart Wood

Colour: Name & Knobs

Willow, Seagrass, Plain, Urban Slate, Sweet Pea, Beaumont Blue, Silver Birch, Coastal Mist, Wild Thyme, Forget Me Not, Lavender

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