The best wooden toys for kids in the world!

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I thought it would be fun investigate some of the best wooden toys out there and compile a list. I came across a whole variety of wooden toys, some brilliant and some perhaps that didn’t quite hit the imagination button for us. To get on our list we were looking for something a bit different (harder than you think) but regardless the wooden toy had to be interactive just like our mud kitchens. All good toys should in some way enrich our child’s learning. Without further ado here we go, in no particular order and of course it’s only our opinion!

Creeping in at Number 7: Its the good old Tractor

Being a farmers daughter, farming toys had to come top of my list. This wooden tractor comes from the wooden toy shop and looks well made. Children love role playing and having watched our son (many years ago now) watching Farmer Ted videos, joining in the songs and clearly having a ball then a tractor has to make the list.

Number 6: Its a 48 piece Wooden Farm

A whole farm!

What fun your children could have with an entire 48 piece wooden farm from again the wooden toy shop. I promise its my last farm related toy, but toys like this allow children to escape into virtual worlds where they can become characters getting up to all kinds of activities. With the farm perhaps they can milk the cows, feed the ducks, who knows where the story will end. A great fun activity using your child’s imagination!

Number 5: Play Kitchen

There are so many play kitchens on the market, so its difficult to choose one model and say this is the one you should buy, however I really like JoJo Maman BeBes website and their toys look really well made. Obviously, if you are familiar with our story you know we thing its great to get children from a really early age interested in food and cooking. From my Facebook feed you can also pick up some good bargains second hand.

Number 4: Lizzies Way

This is not a typical wooden toy but have a look at these folks Facebook page, I can’t find a website, however we were really inspired by what they created at Camp Bestival this year (2019). We were lucky enough to go to Camp Bestival for the first time. It takes place in the beautiful setting of Lulworth Castle, Dorset. The festival is aimed at families, and with this in mind they have created an amazing family area in which children can just run wild physically and mentally. There is an area called Lizzie’s Way and it’s all about the outdoors. Children can create mud pies, mix potions, hunt for treasure, create a flower shop, play with water and tell stories. Have a look, I have never seen so many children actively engrossed in purposeful activity.

Number 3: Art Easel


There are so many art easels to choose from that I decided no one model would win. A quick search will pull up hundreds and then you can choose your own depending on budget. The rise in art therapy has been amazing over the last few years, there seems to be a a link between getting in touch with your inner creative side and good mental health. Its clear children need to be allowed to create. Harry has moved past his desire to draw pictures to taking amazing photographs, essentially it comes from the same inner desire to express and create. Give my husband Paul a guitar and you can see him switch off straight away.

Number 2: The really cool Balance Board

Its a balance board

Check out the website, this looks so much fun and according to the site it will ‘be really useful to improve core strength and improve stability’. I can imagine my family having hours of fun messing around with this board.

Number 1: The Bug Hotel

Find those creepy bugs!

You may have seen them on Dragons Den, but this Welsh based company Learning for Landscapes produce some amazing  products. Have a look at their website, the first thing that springs to mind is how on earth do they come up with all the ideas? We might be in competition with them but that doesn’t stop us from loving what they do and the whole vibe of their business. Our favourite product of theirs is currently the bug hotel, imagine the hours of fun your kids could have. However, if money was no object we would love to buy one of their childrens hobbit pods, they look amazing!


I hope you have enjoyed our round up of some fabulous kids wooden toys. Every time we find a new wooden toy we love we will add it to the list. All these toys centre around play, using your imagination, engaging with the world around or just having fun. I guess at the end of the day kids should really be concentrating on having FUN with their family and friends!

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